How it Works?

  • Did you ever missed the phone number of good old electrician when you needed it badly in the midnight?
  • Do you want to know which school is best for your toddler in your neighbourhood?
  • Do you want to have that contact detail of the service you used and now you want to refer that to your friend?
  • You just moved to a new location and fell ill, now you do not know how to find a doctor and contact him/her?

In our daily life we need different kind of services, products and related information to accomplish various tasks. At, we are providing you a platform to store the information online and access it anywhere you have access to the Internet.

The best part of this is that most of this information belongs to the public domain and you can easily share it with others, without being worried about the privacy. Like that doctor you visited yesterday, or the electrician who did a great job when your AC broke down, or the dependable grocery store near your home which gives free supplies at your doorstep. Most probably they would be more than happy if you refer them to others.

At we are trying to acheive both the goals with one service. You can store the information for your personal reference and at the same time share it with others. Likewise other people can also share information they have with others and eventually we can create a good trusted respository of information usable by anyone looking for that.